(Team Player)

Lagspelaren (Team Player)

TV Series Pilot / Thriller / 2005

About: A self-centered and oblivious everyman, walks right into a deadly political cover up.
His only way to survive is by unraveling everything. And in doing so, he might just save us all.

The pilot was part of a pitch, during my education at IHTV in Gothenburg.

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Cast: Jesper M. Sjöberg, Anna Lundholm, Lars Väringer, Jan Coster, Mattias Palm, Michaela Berner, Pegah Seif, Emilie Lidman, Göran Sjögren
DoP / Editor: Halvor Hoem Co-Writer: Sigurd Ödman Makeup: Maria Cathnell
Music: Henrik Skanfors