Kära Svea
(Dear Sweden)

Kära Svea (Dear Sweden)

TV Series Pilot / Comedy / 29 min / 2009


Teaser Pilot



About: A fictious travel show discovers Sweden, visiting hidden and forgotten small towns.
It delivers sightseeing with tourist information, but above all – culture clash and summer fling.

The 29 min Pilot Episode premiered for a test audience, 4/09/13, in Stockholm.
Thank you to all who participated! Your feedback will help us in our continuing work with the concept.

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Cast: Per Marklund, Susanna Horneij, Bessam Issa, Anna Adolfsson, Johan Högberg, Kari Merilä
DoP: Erik Hassel, Olle Agelii, Marcus CF. Tinnerholm, Robin Trolin

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