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(Coffee Break)

Fikapaus (Coffee Break)

Short film / Comedy / 18 min / 2008



About: A very anoying man meets an irritated woman, in a coffee shop in Stockholm.
Despite some initial trouble, there is a chance for the meeting to lead to something bigger.
If only they could stop interfere each other.

Most recent screening: SVT1 Thursday 5/01/14 Premiere: SVT2 Saturday 12/04/10

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Cast: Lisa Werlinder and Lukas Loughran
Editors: Örjan Markusson and Per Marklund
DoP: Mats Möller

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Per Marklund / Swedish director & screenwriter

All films feature English subtitles. Many thanks to my great collaborators.

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Actors: Lisa Werlinder, Lukas Loughran, Theresa Schmiterlöv, Henriquet Mufoncol,
Börje Lundberg, Anna Adolfsson, Susanne Thorson, Hannes Ryding, Agneta Falk,
Joel Kristoffersson, Johan Högberg, Per Hallén
DoP: Erik Hassel, Robin Trolin, Mats Möller, Einar Lindgren
Music: Henrik Skanfors



Political satire / Comedy / 2 min / 2017

About: This is a comment on Swedish policy.
Due to recent political statements (January 2017), here is a simple reminder: say NO to racism.

If you’re not familiar with Swedish policy: The New Moderates (Nya Moderaterna or M) are established liberal-conservatives.
The Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna or SD) are relatively new in parliament, and they are national-conservatives.

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Cast: Per Marklund, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale

UEFA’s anti-racism resolution on


Mirage (trailer)

Short film / Drama / 5 min / 2015

About: Witness a staring contest, set on a busy commuter train, with participants from all corners of the world.
Or as we call it in Stockholm, Sweden – a Tuesday.

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Cast: Henriquet Mufoncol, Börje Lundberg, Theresa Schmiterlöw, Stéphane Bertola
DoP: Erik Hassel Music: Rainmode “Deep Sleep”

Om fiskar kunde skrika
(If Fish Could Scream)

Om fiskar kunde skrika (If Fish Could Scream)

Short film / Drama / 4 min / 2014



About: Fishing is almost religion. Loved world wide for being so relaxing. Until now.

Swedish selection for the UNICA Film Festival 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia. September 5-12
Premiere: Sveriges Kortfilmfestival 2015 (Sweden Short Film Festival), at Bio Rio, Stockholm. Saturday 4/11/15

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Cast: Johan Högberg, Joel Kristoffersson, Per Halén
DoP: Robin Trolin

Kära Svea
(Dear Sweden)

Kära Svea (Dear Sweden)

TV Series Pilot / Comedy / 29 min / 2009


Teaser Pilot



About: A fictious travel show discovers Sweden, visiting hidden and forgotten small towns.
It delivers sightseeing with tourist information, but above all – culture clash and summer fling.

The 29 min Pilot Episode premiered for a test audience, 4/09/13, in Stockholm.
Thank you to all who participated! Your feedback will help us in our continuing work with the concept.

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Cast: Per Marklund, Susanna Horneij, Bessam Issa, Anna Adolfsson, Johan Högberg, Kari Merilä
DoP: Erik Hassel, Olle Agelii, Marcus CF. Tinnerholm, Robin Trolin

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Ida Kymmer
– Wolkenarm

Ida Kymmer – Wolkenarm

Official Music Video / 2014

About: Ida is originally from Sweden. However, working as a writer and copy editor, she spent years in Seoul, South Korea.
That’s where most of this video was shot.

Today, along with her musical career and business development, she is a coach who helps reduce stress by strengthening the interaction between heart and brain.

Wolkenarm means cloudless in German.

Director: Per Marklund
Cast: Ida Kymmer, Per Marklund
DoP: Ida Kymmer, Erik Hassel, Robin Trolin

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(Team Player)

Lagspelaren (Team Player)

TV Series Pilot / Thriller / 2005

About: A self-centered and oblivious everyman, walks right into a deadly political cover up.
His only way to survive is by unraveling everything. And in doing so, he might just save us all.

The pilot was part of a pitch, during my education at IHTV in Gothenburg.

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Cast: Jesper M. Sjöberg, Anna Lundholm, Lars Väringer, Jan Coster, Mattias Palm, Michaela Berner, Pegah Seif, Emilie Lidman, Göran Sjögren
DoP / Editor: Halvor Hoem Co-Writer: Sigurd Ödman Makeup: Maria Cathnell
Music: Henrik Skanfors