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(Coffee Break)

Fikapaus (Coffee Break)

Short film / Comedy / 18 min / 2008



About: A very anoying man meets an irritated woman, in a coffee shop in Stockholm.
Despite some initial trouble, there is a chance for the meeting leading to something bigger.
If only they could stop interfere each other.

Most recent screening: SVT1 Thursday 5/01/14 Premiere: SVT2 Saturday 12/04/10

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Cast: Lisa Werlinder and Lukas Loughran
Editors: Örjan Markusson and Per Marklund
DoP: Mats Möller

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Per Marklund / Swedish director & screenwriter

All films feature English subtitles. Many thanks to my great collaborators.

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Actors: Lisa Werlinder, Lukas Loughran, Theresa Schmiterlöv, Henriquet Mufoncol,
Börje Lundberg, Anna Adolfsson, Susanne Thorson, Hannes Ryding, Agneta Falk,
Joel Kristoffersson, Johan Högberg, Per Hallén
DoP: Erik Hassel, Robin Trolin, Mats Möller, Einar Lindgren
Music: Henrik Skanfors



Political satire / Comedy / 2 min / 2017

About: This is a comment on Swedish policy.
Due to recent political statements (January 2017) I just want to repeat the obvious: say NO to racism.

If you’re not familiar with Swedish policy: The New Moderates (Nya Moderaterna or M) are established liberal-conservatives.
The Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna or SD) are relatively new in parliament, and they are national-conservatives.

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Cast: Per Marklund, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale

UEFA’s anti-racism resolution on


Mirage (trailer)

Short film / Drama / 5 min / 2015

About: Witness a staring contest, set on a busy commuter train, with participants from all corners of the world.
Or as we call it in Stockholm, Sweden – a Monday.

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Cast: Henriquet Mufoncol, Börje Lundberg, Theresa Schmiterlöw, Stéphane Bertola
DoP: Erik Hassel Music: Rainmode “Deep Sleep”

Om fiskar kunde skrika
(If Fish Could Scream)

Om fiskar kunde skrika (If Fish Could Scream)

Short film / Drama / 4 min / 2014



About: Fishing is almost religion. Loved world wide for being so relaxing. Until now.

Swedish selection for UNICA Film Festival 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia. September 5-12
Premiere: Sveriges Kortfilmfestival 2015 (Sweden Short Film Festival), at Bio Rio, Stockholm. Saturday 4/11/15

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Cast: Johan Högberg, Joel Kristoffersson, Per Halén
DoP: Robin Trolin

Kära Svea
(Dear Sweden)

Kära Svea (Dear Sweden)

TV Series Pilot / Comedy / 29 min / 2009


Teaser Pilot



About: A fictious travel show discovers Sweden, visiting hidden and forgotten small towns.
It delivers sightseeing with tourist information, but above all – culture clash and summer fling.

The 29 min Pilot Episode premiered for a test audience, 4/09/13, in Stockholm.
Thank you to all who participated! Your feedback will help us in our continuing work with the concept.

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Cast: Per Marklund, Susanna Horneij, Bessam Issa, Anna Adolfsson, Johan Högberg, Kari Merilä
DoP: Erik Hassel, Olle Agelii, Marcus CF. Tinnerholm, Robin Trolin

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Ida Kymmer
– Wolkenarm

Ida Kymmer – Wolkenarm

Official Music Video / 2014

About: Ida is originally from Sweden. However, working as a writer and copy editor, she spent years in Seoul, South Korea.
And that is where most of this video is shot.

Today, alongside her musical career, she is creative director and founder at Evanos, working with branding, design and TV.

Wolkenarm means cloudless in German.

Director: Per Marklund
Cast: Ida Kymmer, Per Marklund
DoP: Ida Kymmer, Erik Hassel, Robin Trolin

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(Team Player)

Lagspelaren (Team Player)

TV Series Pilot / Thriller / 2005

About: A self-centered and oblivious everyman, walks right into a deadly political cover up.
His only way to survive is by unraveling everything. And in doing so, he might just save us all.

The pilot was part of a pitch, during my education at IHTV in Gothenburg.

Writer and director: Per Marklund
Cast: Jesper M. Sjöberg, Anna Lundholm, Lars Väringer, Jan Coster, Mattias Palm, Michaela Berner, Pegah Seif, Emilie Lidman, Göran Sjögren
DoP / Editor: Halvor Hoem Co-Writer: Sigurd Ödman Makeup: Maria Cathnell
Music: Henrik Skanfors